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Portland DIY Event List

Okay, I apologize for going way too long without an update. But, things got busy. I'm still looking for people to write show reviews. It doesn't have to be a big deal or even a commitment. If you see a band that you think other folks should hear about, just write up a paragraph or two. Describe the band and what they sound like, tell us something about what made them so cool live, and e-mail it to me at . There are a shitload of great bands in this area that a lot of us have never seen ourselves. Write up your friends' bands. Write up your little brother's. But just take a few minutes and send something in.
As usual, we always need show listings. So, be sure to send info about your band's next show to us at as well.

Upcoming Events:

August is Bike Summer Month, so there will be lots of bike events going on. Maybe you should let us know about them ...

Aug. 8: Independent Publishing Resource Center Orientation. 7 pm. At the IPRC, 917 SW Oak. Free.

Aug. 7
: DILLINGER FOUR, others at Meow Meow.

Aug. 10: ARROYO SECO , CHASED AND SMASHED, WHO'S THE PRESIDENT? play a benefit to help bike messengers organize as part of the IWW. Early, about 5pm. 1036 N Shaver. Bring a $3 donation.

Aug. 10
: DISJEKTA Swap Meet with GLASS CANDY, NICE NICE, MONITOR BATS, YELLOW SWANS, THE PLANET THE, GROWING, PANAMA, FRIENDS FOREVER, MARK BURDEN (from GET HUSTLE), DAWN OF MAN, ONE HUMAN MINUTE, and GLAMOROUS PAT. 1 pm to 6 at 116 NE Russell. Bring whatever you want to sell. Bands follow the swap meet and cost for the show is $5. At the end of the night, all the cash will be poured through a whole in the ceiling and given back to the crowd.

Aug. 11: DISJEKTA Bake Sale. Loosely affiliated with the Swap Meet. At the same address(?). RSVP to 503-335-6979.

Aug. 11: MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE , a travelling book arts exhibit will be making a stop at the IPRC (917 SW Oak) at 7pm. The MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE is a community arts initiative whose mandate is to fuse artistic and literary production with political activism and community organizing.

Aug. 16
: LOS RABBIS (East Bay) , THE CURSE at The Ranch, 15th and NE Emerson.

Aug. 18: The return of KIM FERN'S RADICAL PORTLAND HISTORY BIKE TOUR. Keep an eye out for flyers for info about when and where it starts.

Aug. 20
: MODERN MACHINES (Milwaukie, WI), CHASED AND SMASHED at 917 NE Prescott. Hopefully, this show will be combined with ...

Aug. 20: GOLDEN TICKET , TRIGGERS at The Ranch, 15th and NE Emerson. My guess is that all four bands will play at The Ranch.

Ongoing Events:

Vegtarian/Vegan cafe   every Sunday at Fast Forward, 6616 NE MLK. $3 for breakfast plus coffee.

Food Not Bombs: Wed., Thurs., and Fri. at 5:30 in the North Park Blocks, 8th and W. Burnside. Sat. at 5pm in the same place.

Books to Prisoners work days: Fri., 2-7 pm , Sun. 2-5 pm at the Sugar Shack.

Indymedia has weekly editorial workgroup get-togethers at the Red and Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division, Saturdays at 4pm.

Sewing Circle: First Sun. of every month at the Church House. Vegan food, but bring some for sharing. 2pm, goes all day.

Craft Night: every Thursday after 7pm at 21 SE 18th. Share a skill or learn a new one. Women only.

I'm still looking for people to write show reviews of local DIY house shows. Check out the big long spiel above.
Boy, I am I stupid. I misunderstood "Naked" Nate from the Groadies when he was telling me about the Yahoo group he organized. There are two Yahoo groups to look at--the previously mentioned and the Portland DIY group at . Nate's PDX DIY show group is obviously more specifically focused on house shows than punk in general and gives more in depth info on a lot of the events I list here. Become a member and have the messages emailed directly to you.
My apologies to Jeremiah, the actual founder of the PDX Punk group for not giving him credit earlier.
Fred the Barber has gone record mogul, producing the first EP from those pre-pubescent rockers The Diskords. Check out the Vinyl Warning site at . You can hear a song off the "Heart Full of Napalm" EP or get info on upcoming releases from The Triggers and Fliptops. Or, go straight to the source and visit the Diskords' site: .

This list of events was put together by the folks at the Quackhaus and posted to the web by DG. To add (or subtract) an event, write me (DG) at . Or, call Erin or Chanel at 503-287-0103.

We update when we can, and more frequently when we get more submissions.
Last updated: 8/2/02.

I also run a small distro of mostly punk bootlegs at the Anxiety Distro Site .